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Model:SL-028   Name:SL-028 Horizontal Ionizing Air Blower 

SL-028  Specification
 Input Voltage  220VAC or 110VAC
 Power Consumption  Max  250VA
 Operating Temperature  -10℃ ~ +45℃
 Air Volume Range  (50~95)CFM
 Weight  7.5 kg
 Size  460(L)x 225(W)x 190(H)(mm)

SL-028 Static Elimination Typical Value
 Testing Conditions  Testing Voltage:1000V~100V,-1000V~-100V
 Temperature:22℃±5℃  RH:≤60%              
 Distance: 300mm
 Decay Time  ≤1.3s
 Offset Voltage  -10V ~ +10V

1.Cover an extended area with ionized air,air flow adjustable.
2.Air-blowing angle can be adjusted, desktop/overhead.
3.Warm air function.

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