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Model:Monroe ME-268A Charge Plate Analyzer   Name:Monroe ME-268A Charge Plate Analyzer 
ME-268A Function and Feature:
1. Easiest,most reliable way to check effectiveness of all ionization
2. Meets ESD Associtation Standard ANSI/ESD STM 3.1.
3. Removable,cable-connected plate/probe permits precise
4. Separate time and voltage displays for decay rate analysis.
5. Two ranges measure from 0 to ±5kV,0 to ±1KV.
6. Make in U.S.A.

ME-268A Specifications
Capaitance of total discharge test circuit with plate:20 ±2  picofarads
Plate self-discharge rate:<10% at 1KV within 5 minutes
Dimensions: 6×6 inches (15.2×15.2cm)
Power Supply
Maximum output:±6000 volts
Available plate charging voltages:±1000V and ±5000V,continuouslyu adjustablefrom 0 to 5000V
Charged Plate/Probe Assembly
Electrostatic Fieldmeter
Ranges selectable:0 to ±5000V,0 to ±2000V
Accuracy:Better than 2% 
Drift:<0.4% perhour,noncumulative after 10 minutes stabilization,TYP.
Speed of response:<100 msec from 10% to 90% of full scale in either range
Output:1/1000of plate voltage 
Timer Limits:1.0 kV/100V or 5.0kV/500V,user selectable
Max time measured:999.9 sec,16 minutes +
Resolution:0.1 sec
Power requirements:117 or 220 VAC ±10%,50/60Hz(factory preset),5 watts
Weight:5.5 lbs(2.3kg)
Head Office:Datang Industry District,Houchong Road,Houjie Town,Dongguan,Guangdong China.Tel:0086-0768-85905044 Fax:0086-0769-85905144   P.C.:523900
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