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Model:Monroe ME-287A AIonizer Performance Analyzer   Name:Monroe ME-287A AIonizer Performance Analyzer 

This simple adapter is a 6-inch by 6-inch plate that
attaches directly to the Model 287 charged plate.
The additional surface area facilitates achieving 2
 times faster decay rates than the standard Model
287 in the same ionized environ-ment.

ME-287A Function and Feature:
1.All-in-One Instrument-Measures,displays and stores voltage,decay time,temperature and humidity.
2.Exceeds current requirements of ANSI/ESD SP3.3 for Periodic Verification of Air Ionizers.
3.Test Balance and Decay.
4.Low Cost/Performance Ratio.
5.Hand-held,Battery Operated.
6.Microprocessor Driven.
7.Built-in Self Test.
8.Make in U.S.A.

Battery:9 volt NEDA#1604a or equivalent alkaline(>40 hour life or>1300 charge cycles).Longer oife may be achieved by using 9-volt lithium.

ME-287A Specification
   Charger    ±1100V,selectable polarity
   Measurement Range    ±1250V,1V resolution
   Acduracy    ±5% of reading,±2% typical
   Zero Drift    <±4V in 90s,±2V typical
   Trip Points    Fixed 1000V and 100V
   Charge Plate    1.7"x4"(10.6 inches periphery)
   Capacitance    25pf(》25皮法)
   Self-discharge    <10% of full scale in 200s
   Display    2.4“x0.63",2 X16LCD
   Timer    200.0s maximum,0.1s resolution
   Sensors Humidity    ±5% typ.from 10% to 90% 25
   Temperature    ±2 typical 
   Oper.Temp    25,±10
   Dimensions     8.1*4*1.9 inches (206*102*48mm)
   Weight    1lb.,6oz. 0.63kg 
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