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Model:ME-300 Charge Plate Analyzer   Name:ME-300 Charge Plate Analyzer 
ME-300 Function and Feature:
1. Measures,dispalys and stores last test data ,including discharge times ,peak offset voltages,and average offset voltage.
2. Easiest,most reliable way to check effctiveness of all ionization-type static control systems
3.Meets Requirements of ANSI/ESD STM 3.1
4.Removable,cable-connected ion collecting plate porbe permits precise positioning and remote monitoring
5.Separete time and voltage displays for discharge time test.
6.Recorder output for permanent records and unattended operation
7.One range measure from 0 to ±1kV
8.AC and battery operation
9.Perform long-term balance tests
10.Make in U.S.A

ME-300 Specification
 Charger  ±1100V,selectable polarity
 Range  0 to ±1300 volts on display 0 to ±1800 volts analog output 1 volt resolution
 Acduracy  ±2% of reading ±2V + zero offset,typical
 Bandwidth  6Hz
 Analog outpu  1/1000 of plate voltage,±3%,typical
 Trip Points  1000 volts fixed   Stop Voltage:10 to 990 volts in 1V steps 
 Charge Plate Size  6“X6”(15cmX15cm)
 Capacitance  20pf,±10% 
 Plate self discharge  Less than 100 volts within 5 minutes(<60% R.H.)
 Timer  Range:0.1 sec to 999.9 sec  ,Resolution:0.1 sec  , Accuracy:0.1 sec
 Power Requirements  100 to 220 VAC nominal line voltage;less than 5 Watts
 Battery Life  >8h
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