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Model:SJC-030B   Name:SJC-030B Hammer Type Surface Resistance Tester 

1.Low battery indicator light on when battery is under 5V.
2.Digital display.
3.Multi-Functional teser measure environmeint Temperature/Humidity/Suface Resistance.

Surface Resistance Meter is designed to measure the resistance of a target surface.The conductive conduit allows measurement from  10³Ω  to 10¹²Ω.It is based on ASTM Standard D257 testing method.Press and hold the red button on the surface of targeted object;light on to indicate the result of resistance.High accurancy(50%).

SJC-030B Specification

  Input Voltage   DC 9V
  Validity of Battery   40h
  Measurement Accuracy   ±10%
  Size   180(L)*100(W)*40(H)mm
  Measurement Range   10³-10¹²Ω
  Weight of Instrument   350g
  Weight of Hammer   2.5±0.2kg
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