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Model:SL-50   Name:Network Combo Tester 

Function and Feature:
1.Real time monitors several different ESD items(preset), such as wrist strap and shoes. It can be connected to entrance guard system as well.
2.Real time displays the testing results, it will automatically alarm when tested objects exceed setting value.
3.RS-485 output terminal allows connection to external power and relay, then it can control openning/close of gate, meanwhile saves the data to computer.
4.selectable testing options: test wrist strap or shoes individually or both simultaneously.
5.A full systemic testing can be fullfilled within 5seconds, it is efficient and convenient.
6.Automatically identify the identification and record their information such as employee ID,name,time etc. which are matching with HR system.Administration authority or password setting are also avaliable.
7.Real time record/display testing data. These data can be generated in Excel and printed.
8.Self-developed PC software, safe and reliable. It can be connected to internet.


 Working Voltage (工作电压)  IN220V DC12V
 Operating Temperature (操作温度)  0℃-45℃
 Humidity (湿度)  ≤80%
 Set Value of Wrist Strap (手腕带设定值)  750KΩ-11MΩ
 Set Value of ESD Shoe (防静电鞋设定值)  750KΩ-35MΩ
 Testing Accuracy (测试精度)  ±20%
 Size(产品规格)  380*240*55mm(Main Unit主机) 
 Weight(重量)  3kg(Main Unit主板)
 5kg(Pedal 踏板)


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