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SL-042Name:Ionizing Air Bar

Introduction:Features: 1.SL-042 is an improved product base on SL-040 and SL-011. 2.Smaller and easier installation. 3.Instant static elimination. *Operated with power supply of Dr.Schneider Pc SL-009
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SL-006Name:Ionizing Copper Bar

Introduction:Ionizing air copper bar has a line pin design. Ionizing points are housed in a rigid copper bar. It's designed for a wide variety of rugged working conditions and hard-to-reach area, especially ideal for printing industry or rolling type devices. SL-006 can be optionally designed to be used under high temperature environment. Operate with SL-008 power supply , which has to be ordered separately.
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SL-006CName:Ionizing Air Copper Bar

Introduction:Features: 1. SL-006C is an improved product base on SL-006A 2. The bar body is light and small 3. Compressed air output is changed to the center of air bar to save installation space.
 Model:SL-012Click View>>
SL-012Name:SL-012 Static Bar

Introduction:Features: 1. Electric shockless design 2. Small bar body for easy installation 3. Changeable ion emitter pin 4. Neutralizing static charges rapidly, low offset voltage. *Operated with power supply of Dr.Schneider Pc SL-009
 Model:SL-040Click View>>
SL-040Name:SL-040 Iongizing Air Bar

Introduction:Features: It produces ions with high velocity air to neutralize static charge. Ionizing points are cased in a rigid aluminium bar. Shockless designed. *Clean compresed air is required to ensure best performance of the ionizing air bar. *Operated with power supply of Dr.Schneider Pc SL-009.

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