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Monroe ME-268A Charge Plate AnalyzerName:Monroe ME-268A Charge Plate Analyzer

Introduction:Function and Feature: 1. Easiest,most reliable way to check effectiveness of all ionization 2. Meets ESD Associtation Standard ANSI/ESD STM 3.1. 3. Removable,cable-connected plate/probe permits precise 4. Separate time and voltage displays for decay rate analysis. 5. Two ranges measure from 0 to ±5kV,0 to ±1KV. 6. Make in U.S.A.
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Monroe ME-287A AIonizer Performance  AnalyzerName:Monroe ME-287A AIonizer Performance Analyzer

Introduction:Function and Feature: 1.All-in-One Instrument-Measures,displays and stores voltage,decay time,temperature and humidity. 2.Exceeds current requirements of ANSI/ESD SP3.3 for Periodic Verification of Air Ionizers. 3.Test Balance and Decay. 4.Low Cost/Performance Ratio. 5. Hand-held,Battery Operated. 6.Microprocessor Driven. 7.Built-in Self Test. 8.Make in U.S.A.
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ME-300 Charge Plate AnalyzerName:ME-300 Charge Plate Analyzer

Introduction:Function and Feature: 1. Measures,dispalys and stores last test data ,including discharge times ,peak offset voltages,and average offset voltage. 2. Easiest,most reliable way to check effctiveness of all ionization-type static control systems 3.Meets Requirements of ANSI/ESD STM 3.1 4.Removable,cable-connected ion collecting plate porbe permits precise positioning and remote monitoring 5.Separete time and voltage displays for discharge time test. 6.Recorder output for permanent records and unattended operation 7.One range measure from 0 to ±1kV 8.AC and battery operation 9.Perform long-term balance tests 10.Make in U.S.A
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W-039NBName:W-039NB Wrist Strap On-line Monitor

Introduction:1.G-039NB serials is designed for continuous monitoring on wrist strap and grounding system thru computer to ensure safety control in ESD area for personal or groups. The equipment can 100% monitor the status of operators. 2.G-039NB is compliance with latest American ESD Association standards committee ANSI/ESD S20.20 and IEC-61340, which explicitly requires effective safety control in EPA areas.
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SL-030RName:SL-030R Surface Resistance Meter

Introduction:Surface Resistance Meter is designed to measure the resistance of a target surface,The conductive conduit red button on the surface of targeted object;light on to indicate the result of resistance.allows measurement from 10³Ω to 10¹²Ω.It is based on ASTM Standard D257 testing and hold the Remark:It is not applicable to measure object whose resistance is less than10¹²Ω.

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