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 Printing is carried out on the surface of an object, electrostatic phenomenon is also mainly manifested on the surface, and thus they have a very close relation. Frequent impact and friction often occur during printing process, so that almost all objects involved in printing process contains static electricity. First of all it is the surface of charged substrates such as paper, polyethylene, polypropylene, cellophane, etc., they will absorb scraps of paper or a large amount of dust in the air, impurities, etc., thus affecting the transfer of ink. It reduces the rate of ink transfer in printing products and result undesirable effect on printing. Or because of mutual exclusion, which caused rolling skid, rolling missing. The ink will be charged due to the fog lifted; resulting in serious environmental pollution in printing industry even electric shock or fire. Many components in high-speed presses will cause strong friction and generate a lot of static electricity, also old-fashioned electrical device web rotary in the high-speed operation will make the machine has, in certain locations, as high voltage as 15000V, current 100uA, such a powerful voltage and current causing impact on the printing process is complicated, and the harm can not be ignored, especially to the safety of the operator. High-frequency high-voltage static eliminator, AC high-frequency devices are commonly applied in printing industry. And they should be installed near by the drum.
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