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As we all know, LED is a semiconductor product. In the actual production process, mainly it is the human body in direct contact with the relevant components and indirect contact with static electricity. If voltages between two or more LED pins exceed the breakdown strength of components media, it will cause damage on the components. LED of LED display is composed of PN junction diodes, and the rate of base-emitter breakdown between the current will decrease dramatically.  The potential damage on the various IC of LED itself or driver circuit, which result from electrostatic charge, might not be seen immediately but will appear gradually during the use of products. It will shorten the lifespan of display. Therefore, static elimination must be done on production line. It is recommended: assemble staff must wear anti-static clothing (such as anti-static smock, hats, shoes, finger cots or gloves, etc.), anti-static wrist strap (wrist strap grounding system must be connected properly for internal electrostatic dissipation,); assembly station (table) need to be covered with ESD table mat and be grounded as well; LED be stored by anti-static component box; soldering station, or automatic reflow soldering equipment also need to be grounded. LED packaging bags and semi-finished goods should be packed with anti-static foam or shielding bags.
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