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In the semiconductor device production workshop, due to dust absorption on the chip, productivity of IC, especially ultra-large scale of integrated circuit (VLSI) of the finished products declined significantly. IC production plant operators normally wore clean clothes, the human body with static electricity can easily adsorbed dust, dirt, etc. if which was taken to the workshop, it will affect product quality, and deterioration of product performance, significantly reduced IC yield. If the adsorption of dust particles’ radius is greater than 100μm, line width about 100μm, the film thickness under 50μm, then the most likely to make the product obsolete.

    Therefore, it is necessary to establish static electricity protection systems during the processing IC manufacturing and packaging. Static electricity control is even more stringent in IC packaging production line. In order to ensure the normal operation of production lines, plants can decorate its clean room with anti-static materials, require all persons entering and leaving clean room be equipped with anti-static clothing or other measures taken by the hardware, packaging factories can setup its own enterprise standards in accordance with the relevant national standards or specific requirements of IC packaging production to meet the normal operation of assembly line.
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